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Warranty Information Mexico - Gadgetward.com.mx

  1. Warranties are different based on Brand.
    Camera : 2 Years Warranty
    Camera Lens : 5 Years Warranty on Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony, Samyang
                             7 Years Warranty on Sigma, Tamron
    Mobile Phone/Tablet : 1 Year Warranty
    All Accessories : 6 Months Warranty
  2. How to Claim Warranty?
    - When customer gets issue in Product during the Warranty Period, customer need to contact us via email. We will provide shipping label to send product back to us, we will get it repaired from Manufacturer and send it back without any extra cost.
    - Human error will not be covered under warranty.
    - Any unauthenticated app downloading and/or flashing the phone will not be covered under the warranty.
    - Warranty resolution time : 3-4 weeks 


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