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Smartphones have evolved from a qwerty keypad to a touchscreen and the transition of this whole process has offered us great multimedia features. The common feature set of these palm-size marvels is impressive. A smartphone can be used as a messaging gadget, a web internet browser, a camera, a music player, GPS, and many more. 

They have also changed and evolved in terms of how we use them in today's world and the way we converse. There are lots of smartphones to choose presently in the industry from high specifications to low specifications with different price ranges.

Phones can be found in a wide selection of sizes, colors, and shapes, to fit several sizes of hands.  When it has to do with deciding on the ideal smartphone, it's almost always a challenging choice.

Multi-touch capacitive touch screen, infinity display, bigger battery, fast charging, high processor, the latest operating system and many more features are compulsory to review a smartphone before purchasing it.

The latest smartphone does offer much more than calling and texting hence the way we purchase smartphones has also changed. The most popular smartphone presently in the marketplace comes from different brands and are widely comes under three categories on the basis of price.

Budget Phones (low price)
Mid-Range Smartphones
Flagship Smartphones (Premium Mobiles)




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