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DSLR Camera | Buying Digital SLR Camera Best Price

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DSLR or Digital SLR stands for digital single-lens reflex camera. DSLR Cameras are all-important in Professional Photography covering all elements of premium, high-speed digital photography with allowing user to change Lenses.

How DSLR Camera Works?


Digital Single-lens Reflex cameras or Digital SLR cameras are the cameras  which takes images with the help of a Digital Image Sensor. The light enters through the lens and it hits this digital image sensor then the sensor collects light and converts it into zeros and ones that are binary language .The machine language which is composed of zeros and ones is known as binary language and then it processes that data and saves it as a digital image in a DSLR camera's memory card.

A digital single-lens reflex camera or any Digital SLR camera uses a reflex and A reflex is performed by a  moving mirror which reflects the incoming light.


when a person is not taking a picture and is just looking through the viewfinder of a DSLR what will be noticed is that the light passes through the camera's lens and hits the mirror and is directed to the viewfinder in this process the image doesn't go to the sensor hence no image is formed by DSLR. 

when you press the shutter button the screen or the viewfinder goes black for a while to take a picture. the process to capture a photo is done by the mirror up warding which allows the light to pass directly to the sensor to process the photo.


It is known as single lenses in DSLR as it uses a single lens for viewfinder and sensor at the same time. At the time it was invented this was an amazing revolutionary technology that allowed people to see exactly what the film captures with viewfinder. This means whatever a person saw through the viewfinder that will become a final image. As far as the framing is concerned Before DSLR technology was invented, we used to have a TLRs or twin reflex cameras which used one lens for capturing image and the other one as a viewfinder forming the raw photo different as it was in viewfinder. Instead of using a 35-millimetre film as used in older cameras. 30 35-millimetre films instead of which now in DSLRs we are using a digital image sensor. 



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